CSP Rookies

Saturday morning

This is where the basics are taught and confidence gained. For youngsters, these sessions are equally valuable for those interested in road, BMX or any other aspect of cycling. Many 6 year olds start with a small single speed generic bike.

Rookie coaching sessions introduce and teach cycling skills through a variety of fun games and activities. The sessions are adapted to make them easier or harder depending on the group.

Some can be made into informal competitions or team games. Coaches cover many of the basic cycling skills: balance and co-ordination, stopping and braking, riding together and pace judgement. 

What can CSP Rookies achieve?

The basics of safe and fun cycling & progression to the CSP Skillz groups.

There are lots of fun sessions that the Rookies will experience:

  • Start and stop
  • Cornering
  • Pushing and scooting
  • Limbo bars
  • Bottle passes
  • Ride the circle
  • Ride the Line
  • Figure of 8 relay
  • Mini velodrome
  • Mountain bike circuit
  • Bikeability introduction
  • And many more

Rookies can opt in and out of CSP sessions at any time.

The weather has a big bearing on a riders enjoyment particularly in cold periods, and although we rarely cancel sessions there is no pressure to attend.

Rookies will prepare riders thoroughly so they can progress through to the next stage of CSP.

What’s expected of riders & parents?

Parents have a role too – You should give full support and encouragement and must remain at sessions as a condition of attendance. There are many good practical reasons for this, additional clothing, food and drink, toilet visits etc but also being part of your child’s journey with CSP. 

There should be no pressure to become competitive, this is 100% fun. 

Parents, this is a great time to think about riding too, you can play a big role with family rides and maybe think about going on to become involved in coaching.

Pendle has excellent access routes via tow paths and cycle ways. Bull Holme playing fields Barrowford has off road and Mountain bike facilities which offers additional opportunities for the Rookies. We would encourage parents to join their children on rides and practise new skills learnt at CSP. 

We recommend all riders at the relevant school age to complete the Bikeability level 1 and 2 award if offered at school. This is a programme in road safety education. 

Parents: please read our CSP codes of conduct – this is very important

Youngsters under 7 are welcome as siblings of members but we may not be able to integrate them into sessions because of coach to rider ratios and coaching guidelines. 

What comes next ?

Riders quickly move on to our Skillz sessions

Skillz 1 – Saturday mornings (generally age 7+)

Skillz 2 and 3 – Saturday and Wednesday (generally age 9+)

Riders will progress more on ability than age.