CSP Skillz+

CSP Skillz+ section

Skillz+ is a natural progression for those with an appetite for something more challenging and feel able. Riders at this stage will usually have racing experience, and are likely to be riding on the road and training.

Although the Wednesday evening Skillz+ session is challenging, we want riders to feel welcome to try it. Riders taking part in the Wednesday evening earlier Skillz3 session are able to have a taster.

The session is about ability and drive, it is less about age or size. CSP respects the fact that youth riders develop at different ages. Coaches will assess whether a rider is ready for the Skillz+ session, safety of all being paramount.

Riders at the Skillz+ level, together with CSP BMX riders at a similar level, have access to the more advanced race related workshops. This is along the lines of the British Cycling Development Centres and Regional Schools of Racing.