Simon Price

Age: 46

Day Job: Web Designer/Developer

Discipline: Novice BMX, MTB and general cycling

Coach Since: 2019

Lives: Barrowford

Rides: NS Snabb 130 Plus 1 MTB, NS Dirt Jumper

I’ve always been into cycling since a very young age and having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s naturally the BMX was the first bike that really got me into cycling. Once I’d got past the Chopper and Grifter stages and proper BMX bikes were gaining in popularity.

Without the modern day distractions of Facebook, mobile phones and social media as young kids we just spent most days riding our bikes around various parts of Nelson, Burnley and further afield, doing stunts and generally larking about until it went dark without a care in the world, and back then without helmets, gloves and long pants! During that time I mainly rode BMX but then went through road bikes and other bike types, finally getting into MTB when the first mountain bikes launched in the late 80’s.

Ever since then I’ve had at least 2-3 bikes of one kind or another. And since joining CSP in 2014 we now seem to have grown the number of bikes we have substantially, with the current count at 14+ in various parts of the house and garage ranging from balance bikes and BMX Rockers, through race BMX, hardtail MTB, kids MTB right up to full suspension 29″ enduro bikes.

My son started with CSP originally and we went every Saturday where I enjoyed helping the coaches out with the sessions and getting involved. It seemed a natural progression from there to become a CSP coach and help out properly every week, which is why I’m here now and loving it!

I’m really enjoying the coaching so far, seeing the kids go from barely being able to pedal a bike to launching themselves around our excellent pump track is very rewarding and the CSP family are a lovely friendly bunch and we have a great time at the track, on our monthly trips out to MTB or bike parks and for our annual awards party.