Peter Heywood

Day Job: Nurse Manager

Rides: Road, TT

Early Days

Been cycling from my school days.

Did local tours until joining a local cycling club in 2000.

I got bitten by the time trial bug and raced at national 25, 50, 100 and 12 hour

Best Discipline: longer distance events 

Other Sports:  Elite Level Ultra Marathons runner

Making my racing come back:  Hoping to be racing in 2019 at BBAR level again.

Where have I cycled: Cycled across Jordan from Syria to Saudi Arabia and circumnavigated Iceland, 

In the last two years cycled in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Spain and Pendle

2017:  Cycled Paris to Nice

2019:  planning Nice to Barcelona Sep 2019

Coaching & Goals: Coaching for 4 years

Aimed at riders 16 years and under

Coach riders that race at National cat C, B and A and are developing their skills to attain regional schools racing status.


British cycling coaches level 3

Association of British Cycling Coaches Level 3

Level 2 in general cycling

Level 2 Road cycling

Level 2 Time Trials

Immediate life support qualification (what you have to do in A & E)

With a peer support provide specialist girls and boys specific racing focused sessions each month focused on up and coming events.

Work life

I work full time as a nurse manager but specialise in nurse education in the work place and have PTTLS, CTTLS and DTTLS teaching qualifications.

Outside Work & Cycling

I have a personal interest in sports psychology and dietary requirements to compete at the highest levels.

My personal goal with young riders is to develop cyclist for life and to help and support them in acquiring their potential.  My sessions have a progressive focus and designed to be fun. This I believe will provide the motivation to get the miles in to meet their goals.